27-29 September 2019

Gwentrek is the ultimate expedition challenge for Scouts and Explorers in Gwent.

Be self sufficient, walk against the clock in teams with or without leaders.


Teams of 4-7 will complete a hike through a series of checkpoints and base camp activities to test Scouting expedition skills. This is a competition so teams will be tested on knowledge, independence from leaders, kit, navigation and camping skills.

GT teams – Scout section

A great way to experience Gwentrek for the new through to the seasoned Scout. Leaders can accompany their teams around the route for peace of mind. This level of the competition is designed to get new people involved and the chance to gain some experience, in a few years they will tackle GT+. There is a GT trophy for the winning team.

GT+ teams - Scout section

Take on the challenge of GT+, teams compete without leaders for the whole weekend. Feeling independent, feeling confident? Teams will be expected to compete on the GT route and be self-sufficient, this is important! Teams must carry all food, equipment and everything they need for the weekend.

GTx teams - Explorer section

Feeling brave? Take on Gwentrek Extreme, a specially designed route for the more confident and more adventurous. This is for Explorers that feel the need for a real challenge, are you tough enough?

GT+ and GTx teams will be camping in the same field on Friday but will be away from leaders and in their own area. GTx may have a completely different campsite on Saturday night. Therefore, they must be self-sufficient and able to carry all kit. Points will be deducted for leader assistance.

Quick info

  • Booking deadline: Friday 20 September
  • Teams should be able to pitch tents & camp safely
  • Teams should be able to plan their own route
  • This is a navigation exercise, teams should be able to read maps and make relevant decisions
  • Teams should be able to cook their meals


Some extra goodies

Some extras to help your teams along the way...

Example route card - 2017 GTx route (PDF)

How to pack a rucksack fact sheet (pdf)

Map reading fact sheet (pdf)

Compass skills fact sheet (pdf)

Hiking fact sheet (pdf)

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