Taking the expedition challenge further!

Hike, camp and hike again. Brave enough to take it on?

Gwentrek 2017, 29 Sept - 1 Oct, Book Now!

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Ages 10-13, teams of 4 to 7.

A great way to experience Gwentrek from the new to the seasoned Scout. Leaders can accompany their teams around the route just for peace of mind. This level of the competition is designed to get new people involved and the chance to get some experience, in a few years they will tackle GT+.

Gwentrek Plus

Ages 10-13, teams of 4 to 7, leader-less

Take on the challenge of GT+, teams compete without leaders for the whole weekend. Feeling independent, feeling lucky? Teams will be expected to compete on the GT route and be self sufficient. Bring it on!

Gwentrek Extreme

Ages 13-18, teams of 4 to 7, mental

New for 2014 this is the old GT+. Feeling brave? Take on Gwentrek Extreme, a specially designed route for the slightly deranged. This is for older Scouts and Explorers that feel the need for a real challenge, are you tough enough?


Gwentrek is the ultimate expedition challenge for Scouts and Explorers in Gwent.

Be self sufficient, walk against the clock in teams with or without leaders. If that isn't enough if you find the normal routes too easy and fancy a bigger challenge take on GTx!

All you have to do is take part in the expedition, take on the bases, cook, camp and navigate for yourselves - do this with as little leader support as possible to earn the maximum points and win the trophy.

Open to Scouts and Explorers 10-13, teams of 4-7 or GTx for 13-18 - experienced teams only!

Quick info

GT - Ages 10-13

GT+ - Ages 10-13 (leaderless)

GTx - Ages 13-18

Teams of 4-7

Walk without leaders (unexperienced teams may walk with leader support but will be marked down)

Teams should be able to pitch tents & camp safely

Teams should be able to plan their own route

This is a navigation exercise, teams should be able to read maps and make relevant decisions

Teams should be able to cook their meals

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